What’s The Hold Up?


Have you ever been stuck in traffic? I have and I can personally tell you that it is not one of my favorite places to be. Traffic that is at a stand still and does not seem to be moving. I have had the un-pleasurable experience of riding down a highway smoothly only to come to a short stop because of traffic that is on the road. The amazing thing is that everything was good until I hit that traffic. It seemed like my mood changed from happy to frustrated and irritated to what is going on down the road from me. And many times the traffic inched along coming to a stand still in between me hammering down on my brakes. And most times if you are like me you come up to where the traffic has bottle necked  at and their was nothing there. And you wonder what was the hold up? It was only the speed at which people chose to drive or be distracted by something.

Life can be that way for people that are pursing your purpose. You hit a rhythm a stride and then you hit a challenge. These obstacles come because you are heading a certain direction they are unpredictable and cost us time and energy. And if you look back at the challenges many of them could have taken you out. But sometimes these are small events that should not have been such a hindrance. Many of us have been guilty of slowing our progress to put out little fires that had nothing to do with our purpose. Or we slowed down because someone else had an issue that distracted  you. The question you must ask yourself as you look at your goals and desires is Whats the hold up? What is keeping me from getting to my destination? You must be honest enough to say what it is and honestly sometimes its you.





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I will be the first to admit I struggle with balance. And am still working to achieve it in every area of my life. At times when I am looking for balance, It seems as if I want to take over the world and forget that there are other things that need to be done. I am not complaining but I know how it feels to try to juggle it all while forging ahead for the future. Keeping balance isn’t an easy task especially with the way that life speeds in our current society. Balance is not a word that many want to hear or even talk about. Everything is instant because we love convenience which leaves us dealing with even more struggles to maintain a balanced life. When you can have it all at your fingertips immediately.

As a multi-passionate person I can tell you how out of balance I can become. Wanting to read several books at the same time, work, enjoy friends and my own personal time. It is hard knowing how to balance what is important and what can be done later. And then if you are like me and struggle with procrastination then it makes the journey even more difficult. I was watching a you tube video of Shonda Rhimes you know the lady that created Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Greys anatomy. (FYI I have never watched any of these shows. I’m a hermit lol). Anyway back to the story, she was sharing in her commencement address at her Alma Mater that there is no such thing as balance. While she is taking care of one thing something else is going lagging and it will be that way in your life journey. She went on to explain that if she is shooting a scene at work it is possible she is missing a recital. If she is at her girls programs she may be missing out on a writing session for one of her shows.

I sat back and thought about what she said and had to agree. Many times the cry for balance is the effort to try to do everything and please everybody but that is impossible to do. In some ways your priorities will not be someone elses and they will not agree with your decision and it may cause an imbalance. You have to embrace these moments as being apart of the balance and not against it. As much as I love to be committed to all the organizations I am apart of it is virtually impossible to be at the events all the time. So what do I do? I support when I can and stay present with what I can do at that moment. I am learning that balance is a myth of my imagination and its good to know that its okay for it to be that way at times.


What do you thinkg? Where do you struggle with balance? Comment, Like, Share

10 Days OF Power (The True Story)

122I released this e-book on my birthday. 10 Days of Power: Accessing the Power Within. It is a 10 day devotional that helps to bring awareness of the strength down on the inside of you. But I must be very honest I had a lot of concerns about putting this out into the world. Why may you say? See I am an introvert I don’t like being the center of attention or calling attention to myself. I almost dint put it out because of that fear. But I had listened to a periscope by Dr. Sonja Stribling on “Give yourself permission to be amazing. It was just what I needed to hear before the launch of this project. See if you are like me how many times have you allowed fear to hold you back. I can’t tell you how many opportunities and situations that could have had me further then I am right now that I did not seize because of fear. Fear of rejection, criticism, and not being good enough.

What I have come to know for sure is that their will always be uncertainty. There will always be critics. As my pastor says “the by-product of success is critics”. But there is also the blessing and joy of not allowing fear to stop you and allow the fear of criticism stop you. And I would not be getting the emails and messages over social media how this message is helping those that have read it and will read it. See the world needs people like you and me that will look fear and the face and in the midst of it still share our gift with the world.

I want to encourage you and tell you give yourself permission to face what you have been running from. Its time to give yourself permission to be great. Stop waiting on others to affirm you or tell you that is okay. Because some wont because they fear if you ever realize who you are they wont be necessary. Trust and believe in the greatness down on the inside of you and take the leap. When you access the power within you will surely see that you are stronger than you think and have more to give than you thought.

The Path



The path is never easy or everybody would walk it. It is always challenging when the path that you are walking no one understands because they do not live in your shoes. If you are going to be original you are going to have to discover your path. It may not be popular or the one that others are walking on, but if it’s for you it will allow you to prosper in ways that you can not even imagine. The sad tragedy is that many will die without ever discovering it because they have moved from the one that is for them to the one that others have designed for their life.

I read an article that’s become real famous lately called “The Regrets of The Dying” One of these regrets is the fact that some said I wish I had the courage to live the life I wanted to live instead of the life others expected me to live. That’s the element you need to walk down this path, courage. No one is going to walk it for you and even when you start you will be misunderstood. Some will call you crazy and that you have lost your mind but remember the words of Theodore Roosevelt “It’s not the critic that counts”. Be focused, there are a lot of naysayers in the world. The path you are on will help you to discover what is needed for you to become the person you were always intended to become.

A lot of the noise you hear now are peoples regrets and even jealousy that you have taken the opportunity and seized it to walk your own path. Some will cheer others will scowl the truth is as long as you keep walking you will make it to the other side. Don’t get distracted there will be many things to come that will try to get you to veer off of it. If you are not careful you will lose time trying to explain your vision to those that don’t understand. Be encouraged and motivate yourself. Surround yourself with people who are also on their journey. They know the language of visionaries and are not afraid to step out into the world themselves. Your path is the path never apologize for it or compare it to someone else. The good book says the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. As long as they are ordered they will be completed on the path.

What is Humility?

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Humility is defined as freedom from pride or arrogance. It is the action of making oneself low. I believe in humility and its importance for being successful in life. No one should ever get too big-headed that they think it’s all about them or become so self-absorbed without considering other people. But there is another danger when you become so self-deprecating that you allow people to think that you are a doormat. What is the difference? When you are humble that comes from a sense of awareness of who you are and your value without it going to your head. When you are a doormat that comes from a place of low self-worth and value. Everyone is valuable and important, no one deserves or should be treated with disrespect. unfortunately, you can have people who feel they can treat you less than or second class. It is as you come into the awareness of your strengths and weaknesses that you understand the power of humility. If you are struggling with low self-worth hold on to these three significant principles that will help you understand when you are operating out of an awareness of yourself or from low self-worth.

1.Being humble does not mean accepting abuse or disrespect: As I stated abuse and disrespect is accepted when you are not aware of your value and your worth. It is not humble to allow people to disrespect you or your boundaries or to try to diminish your self-worth

2. Being humble is being aware of your strengths and weakness: It takes a strong person to know what their weaknesses are and what they are strong in. That means being able to acknowledge what you need help in. the truth is all of us have weaknesses its how we choose to manage them that makes the difference.

3. Being Humble means being teachable: As a mentor always says to me no one likes a know it all. Someone that is unable to be told anything or taught anything. Always be in the posture of a student willing and able to learn. Be open to constructive feedback that is meant to build you up and help you towards your future.

As you continue towards success and opportunities I want to leave you with the words that an old sage said to me. I don’t care how far you go always keep your feet on the ground.