Relaunch (Pt 2)

Have you ever watched a rocket ship that was going up in the air to space? If you ever notice there are what they call boosters on the side. When the rocketship gets to a certain height in the air the boosters fall off of it. That is what happens in our lives. As we are journeying on their are certain things that are attached that take us to a certain level. It may be a mentality or an attitude but once we reach a certain height somethings must fall off.

Often times we are trying to carry with us to the next level what we should have shed before we moved on. While the new year is still beginning I want to encourage you that you need to see what have you been carrying that was only meant to be a booster. And will you continue to live in a space that allows things to keep being attached to you that should have been let go of a long time ago.

Remeber that dead weight will only drag you down. What is it that you are unwilling to let go that is hindering your relaunch in this year. Look at it, evaluate it, and take the necessary steps to make the adjustments necessary to keep it moving. Your life can no longer be left on hold its time to move on and launch your life in the direction that you need it to go.

New Year New Me ( Is it true?)




If you have been on social media for any length of time you will have seen annually around the end of the year the gifs and meme’s declaring what you will and will not do or be in the new year. One of the statements that I often hear and sometimes irritates me is “New Year, New Me” This is one statement that I don’t care if we are in year 2067 we will still hear being stated over and over again.

In all seriousness I do have concerns about change. Change is good, change is wonderful, and change is necessary. But it is not necessarily brought about because their was a change in the calendar year. Change happens because of a decision. Its based on a decision within oneself that things will not work the way they use to or I need to go another direction. Every significant moment in my life that I have made a change has not been because it was a calendar date but I made a conscious decision to make another choice. Now I will admit that change is hard it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put in the conscious effort to obtain the change you want to see happen in your life.

As we are in the first month of a new year let us not be consumed with just statements of change but choices to change. It is when you make that decision to change that it will occur. You will not need to announce to the world that you have changed but it will be evident by your mindset, your lifestyle, and your actions. So I encourage you don’t wait for the new year to have a new you. Start the new whenever you want to (that rhymes lol)


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Relaunch 2018

Happy New Year! I hope that this year is prosperous and successful for you. It has literally been five years since tlamontspeaks has been up. Why did I stop? What has been going on? Why are we relaunching again?

Why did I stop?

I decided that in order for me to accomplish somethings for myself personally i.e. go back to school and other things I would have to let some things go. Anyone that really commits to blogging and hosting an online radio show  knows that it can be time consuming  and become almost an obsession.   With all of that I decided to put it on the back burner for awhile so that I could take care of other priorities.

What has been going on?

Well since I stopped I have obtained one degree and currently pursuing a masters (pray for me) Life has changed in a lot of ways that I couldn’t imagine. I am in a totally different career path. I am in a better financial state than I was before (that will be another post) What a difference five years makes.

Why are we’re launching again?

Every now and then I have been asked what happened to the podcast and the blog? And for the past few months I have been asking myself should I go back to it? And finally in October I decided that I would start it again but with a totally different format.

What has changed?

This time I have support. I am fiercely independent sometimes to a fault but I am developing a team to assist in supporting me in this endeavor. I am learning the lesson to allow people to help me in doing what I feel is a part of my purpose.I still am sticking to the simple mission of this blog to empower, educate, and mobilize. Please stay connected I have some great things planned for 2018. Again Happy New Year

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Men’s Voice( Men and Their Faith)

Join me on  Men’s Voice as I welcome Robert Woods Jr. and Dominique Evans as we discuss “Men and Their Faith”. This is sure to be an insightful show as discuss how their is involved in there daily lives.

Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 10:00 PM EST or call in at 714-583-6900

Learn More About My Guest:

Robert Woods

Robert Woods is the proud son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C Woods.  He is married to Samantha Davis-Woods his partner in ministry.  Together they have one daughter Jayla Marie, and one son Robert James (RJ).

He grew up inBethelA.M.E.ChurchinMadison,NJ.  Under the pastoral ships of Reverends Saunders, Guyton, Haislip, Brown and Rushdan, he was able to participate in various ministries and choirs learning how to honor the Lord beyond the pew.

On December 12, 2011 the Lord did a new thing and counted him faithful, by putting him into the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ.  He has been afforded opportunities to exercise his gift of preaching and teaching under the leadership of Reverend Johnnie D Brooker, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church,Dover,NJ.

Minister Woods considers his calling to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ a great privilege and honor.  In a world filled with much hurt, hatred and heartaches he knows that our peace, joy and salvation can only come forth through a solid relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Minister Woods greatly enjoys sharing out of God’s Word, because His Word becomes the breeding ground on which lives are changed and transformed for the better.  He is committed to spreading the good news to those who are looking for answers to life’s complexities, issues and struggles.

He has studied Hospitality Management at County College of Morris East Stroudsburg University and  works with Marriott International.  Also, he is currently pursuing theological education at Newark School of Theology.

Lastly his favorite bible verse is, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of power may be of God, and not of us.” ~ 2 Corinthians 4:7

Dominique is the leader of a ministry called Follow 4 Bible Study. He is a Christian man who loves to teach, write and learn. Dominique’s life has drastically changed in the last three years and lives to tell his testimony by sharing his faith. He is currently working on publishing his book of poetry.

Men’s Voice (Are Their Any Good Men Out There?)

I know I am not the only one that has heard it. “Their aren’t any good men out there” how many times is this the excuse for woman not being in relationships. But is this really true, are their any good men out there. Join me and my guest Chris Kazi Rolle as we discuss this issue.


Thursday 10:00 PM EST or call in and listen at 714-583-6900

Learn More About My Guest:

Chris Kazi Rolle


CHRIS KAZI ROLLE is an Entertainer, Educator and Entrepreneur, who believes that All Thing Are Possible. He travels globally inspiring audiences through performances, guided conversations and lectures year round. Nicknamed The Convo Starter, Kazi is the architect behind several innovative social ventures designed to create conversations for change, including The Hip Hop Project, APEX and Together Apart. Kazi has been featured on VH1, CNN, CBS, PBS, ABC’s Nightline and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Kazi’s work and inspiring life story is the focus of the feature length documentary film, The Hip Hop Project, executive produced by Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah. Kazi is a martial artist, gym rat, and a proud father. Originally from the Bahamas and after residing in Brooklyn for twenty years, this Bahamas born globetrotter now resides in NJ.



Men’s Voice (Why People Cheat and How They Get Away with It)

We always hear about it whether in the news, social media, or our private circles. Cheating, its something that is always talked about and discussed. How do people get there and what are the reasons behind it. Join me and my special guest J L Ford as we discuss his book “Why people cheat and how they get away with it”. This is sure to be an incredible show.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 10:00 PM EST or call in at 714-583-6900

Learn More About My Guest:

J L Ford

J. L. Ford was born in Orlando then raised in Webster, Florida. All before the age of 18, J. L. Ford was given away for adoption, raised in poverty, toiled in unbearable Florida fields to help put food on the table, subjected to bullying, joined a gang, faced death twice, failed high school twice, and even lost a child to abortion. Realizing his life could be more and mean more, he joined the army and was immediately sent to Germany before twice being deployed to Iraq. There, he faced loneliness while back home, he lost a beloved aunt, a dear Uncle, and a beautiful little brother. He has experienced the full spectrum of human emotion: pain, deceit, abandonment, loss, loneliness, insecurity, hopelessness, and the list does certainly go on. After the first heartbreak (as a result of cheating), J. L. Ford began avidly studying relationships, reading books and attending lectures on end regarding the subject. Rather than dwell on the negative, he saw an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. His experiences made him exceptionally adept at understanding how to help others make it through their own personal storms. To this day, you will never see him without a smile or lacking words to build, teach and encourage everyone he comes into contact with.

Taking this passion and turning it into a degree in Sociology and Woman’s Studies from the University of Central Florida, J. L. Ford penned his first book. In 2007, he wrote “I’m a DOG because… the truth about doggish men from their own words” with the purpose of examining the rationale behind how and why womanizers act the way they do. Unlike conventional coaches, J.L.Ford focuses on developing introspective, positive patterns of thinking prior to investing in a relationship with another, affording people the tools to place themselves in a position wherein bankruptcy is far from a possibility.

It’s not what J.L.Ford has been through that makes his story one of such inspiration, but what he has gained from it. He learned to love the biological mother that he has never known because she gave him a chance at life. Through death he learned the value of life. Through the missed chance at being a father, he learned to move from past regret to welcome the future. He turned failure and low expectations into the fuel needed to finish high school, become a decorated war veteran, and a college graduate.

Today, through blogs, podcasts, writing, and public speaking, J. L. Ford uses his experiences, wisdom, and understanding to guide others to better decisions, deeper thinking, and therefore more enriched lives.

“Smart is learning from our mistakes; wisdom is learning from those of others.” –J. L. Ford

Men’s Voice (The Hunted: Married Men)

What is the allure? What is so magnetizing about married men? Are there really women who go after them? We will discuss this issue and the circumstances around them. Join me and my special guest Tiya Cunningham-Sumter as we discuss “The Hunted: Married Men”
This is sure to be a great show!

Thursday, March 8, 2012 10:00 PM EST or call in (714) – 583-6900

If  you have questions you can send them via using hash tag  #mensvoice


Learn More About My Guest:

Tiya Cunningham-Sumter


Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, a Certified Life and Relationship
Coach, received her certification in 2006 from iPEC  Coaching Institute. Inspired by her natural curiosity for the human spirit, Sumter immediately founded Life Editing and has coached
countless individuals and couples on achieving their personal, professional and relationship goals. The Life Editing concept is about rewriting your life to reflect your dreams. Sumter, a wife and mother was also featured in
Ebony Magazine (2008 and 2010) and is a weekly contributor to the award-winning site  Tiya prides herself on coaching individuals and couples outside of their comfort zones.