profilepicLamont Jackson curator of tlamontspeaks.com is a jack of all trades The IT Technician, preacher, musician and radio host turned blogger is deeply committed to bettering the lives of people near and far. The Mount Vernon, NY native and resident in his youth hope to be a scientist, his knack and passion for discovering the whys in life’s questions did not end in his younger days though . He now searches for uncovered truths in technology, ministry and philosophy through his work, church, and extensive reading. The minister serves at St. Luke Baptist church where he uses his god given gifts to empower, encourage, and educate this and future generations. World hunger and social injustices are where Mr. Jackson finds his fire for healing this earth. T Lamont is a born leader known for his integrity and wisdom. Particularly in the sphere of foresight and strategy, making it easy for people to follow him. When he is not blogging, reading, or speaking. Theodore is indulging in mystery television, bowling, or cooking. Life is T Lamont’s inspiration, every day he looks to overcome its uncertainty and progress as he hopes to see others do the same.